ITACH-SOFT is a company with a unified system of values, aimed primarily at results. By contacting our company, you can be sure that you will receive professional service at all stages of interaction - from a call to a product release to production. Using the most advanced technologies, as well as all our experience in marketing, we create truly high-quality products that bring their owners not only profit, but also pleasure during use.


We consider business, cultural, social and customer needs in our product development process.


Providing a wide range of services, we always monitor the quality and timing of the products created. Thanks to a team of professionals, we provide only high-quality results to our clients.


We are obsessed with constant research and iteration to find the best solutions to customer problems.


We are obsessed with constant research and iteration to find the best solutions to customer problems.

Our approach to work
We are looking for an individual approach to each project. By combining our technical expertise with your business needs, we ensure that you get a competitive advantage and quality service.
The history of our company is made up of the personal history of an individual employee. The formation of the team began in 2013.
Working with each client individually and fully devoted to his project, we have achieved that 70% of our new clients come on the recommendation, and old clients come to us again and again.
We work with clients of all sizes of business and from different areas. But, regardless of this, we perform the work with the same quality: from developing websites and applications to setting up contextual advertising.
What do we offer.
Guaranteed quality
Thanks to many years of experience, well-structured project work, reliable technology, as well as product quality control. Our portfolio is proof of our words.
It is one of the main factors for us and our clients. For example, a business card site can be uploaded to the hosting within 5 days after you made an order.
Affordable cost
It is formed due to factors that cannot in any way affect the quality of the product: well-functioning development processes, a stable staff of specialists, high flexibility in the work process.
Let's discuss
your project.