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Our team is specialists in web design, development and marketing. By analyzing customer ideas and business requirements, we turn them into digital solutions.
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In working with each client, we have two goals: to qualitatively solve customer problems and to optimize each user's experience.
Business card website for an Australian customer
An online store with a unique design was implemented for the company, which allows you to get competent online advice, select and purchase products with home delivery.
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Landing page for bringing a new product to the market
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Online store selling coffee and coffee equipment
An online store was developed for a Belarusian organization that sells coffee and leases coffee equipment. The store combines both the sale of goods and separately you can rent a coffee machine.
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Landing page for the delivery of motorcycles from the USA
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Online store for food distributor
The company "MR.LT Nootropics" is a distributor of food products, chemicals and dietary supplements of nootropic action since 2015. They sell drugs and courses of nootropic drugs from the manufacturer.
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B2B platform development. Tender platform.
For a Russian entrepreneur, we have developed a b2b platform that helps representatives of various types of business interact. This is a kind of tender platform that provides each buyer with a guaranteed income, each supplier with an increase in sales.
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Business card website for an educational institution
A business card website has been developed for a Belarusian company specializing in intellectual development courses for schoolchildren. The site is descriptive in nature with the ability to register for a trial lesson through the feedback form, as well as a transition to the student's personal account with the choice of a course.
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We work with clients of all sizes of business and from different areas. But, regardless of this, we perform the work with the same quality: from developing websites and applications to setting up contextual advertising.
JV "Unibelus" LLC
Installing IP-PBX Asterisk
JV "Unibelus" LLC expresses its gratitude to the company "Itach-soft" for the work carried out to install the IP-PBX Asterisk, the integration of the IP-PBX Asterisk with the mini-PBX Panasonic TDA200 on the E1 stream, help in organizing the connection of the E1 stream from RUE Beltelecom.
LLC Rozy.bel
Bitrix24 integration
We express our gratitude to Itach-soft for the integration of our website and PBX with the Bitrix24 CRM system.
LLC Teploimport
Integration of complex systems
LLC Teploimport thanks the company Itach-soft for high-quality and affordable advice to our employees on IT infrastructure issues. The Itach-soft company is a team of highly qualified specialists who fulfill their duties one hundred percent. It is always a pleasure to deal with professionals of this level.
Belkoopvneshtorg UE
Belkoopvneshtorg expresses its gratitude to Itach-soft company and personally to the technical director Fyodor Antonevich for the work done on the transfer of PBX from Panasonic analog PBX to Asterisk IP-PBX.
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We have extensive experience in modern technology. Our team follows the latest solutions and trends in design and development, which allows us to assess your needs and find the best solution for your business.
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