Online coffee and coffee equipment shop

We developed an online shop for a Belarusian organisation that sells coffee and rents out coffee equipment. The shop combines both the sale of goods and it is also possible to rent coffee machines individually.
Website design:
On the basis of the topic of the site, soft coffee colours were chosen. Despite the fact that the site is rather dark, it is perfectly complemented by the light colours of the text, which is easy to read on a dark background. The site looks visually friendly, with all the important elements arranged in separate blocks. The user can immediately see what he or she needs to pay attention to.

The website is designed in three formats - separately for tablets and mobile phones. It attracts attention through a simple and user-friendly interface, a well-thought-out structure, and a clear separation of content. The user does not get lost in the great amount of information and graphics, and finds what he or she needs without any problems.
Website functionality
Although the e-shop by default is a complex website system and a lot of customer information, our specialists managed to develop a sufficiently functional and convenient internet shop. The filters help users to quickly find the necessary items and the simple structure of the filter allows you to make the process convenient and enjoyable.
User's private account
Administrative panel of Bitrix is quite multifunctional, and for a user who has never worked with it, it is quite difficult to understand all the tricks of the site. However, our team did not leave the client in the cold either. We not only wrote detailed instructions on how to use and configure the site, but also came together with the administrator of the site of the customer, analyzed each point of our instructions. Everyone was satisfied: the Customer - with the website and the training of the members of the team, and we were pleased with the happy Customer and the delicious coffee.

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