Bitrix24 customisation

After purchasing a Bitrix24 license user receives a basic version of the product. Our company helps you customize the CRM B24 to meet your needs or extend its functionality with additional modules.

Prices for Bitrix24 customisation
We combined common tasks solution in several packages. Such a solution helps to select quickly a package to meet the required goals and the budget of the company.

Basic customization
The package offers connection of up to 10 users and standard configuration of the product. The range of services includes:
Editing CRM users
Optimising filters and leads, deals, to-do lists
Editing lead and deal stages (stages provided by customer)
Implementation of cloud or external IP telephony with inbuilt B24 solutions.
Integration of up to 10 employees' personal emails to the CRM.
Setting up feedback forms and chatbots, integrating with B24 CRM.
Performance of monitoring of the main indexes.
Additionally, the price includes an hour of training with Bitrix24 CRM from our consultant (carried out in a group).
The cost starts from 200$