Software maintenance

It is a basic requirement for the successful development of any company, and a successful company sooner or later needs to expand its IT infrastructure and integrate new technologies.

We consider technical support and development of the project as a long-term cooperation between the resource owner and our company. For this purpose we sign a contract in which we specify all the necessary activities to be carried out in order to ensure the stable operation of your resource and support the users' interest in it.
What is included in technical support and development?
Ongoing monitoring of the technical condition of the resource and its operation.
Regular updating of information, adding current data (prices, goods, services, promotions, etc.).
We analyse the competitive sites and provide a plan for the further maintenance of your resource.
Adding extra functionality and modules (mailing list, search, chat rooms, etc.) according to your wishes.
We work on improving the ranking and increasing the amount of organic traffic.
Every month we do research for you about the work of the resource and provide a report.

Technologies we use
We have extensive experience in modern technologies. Our team stays up to date with the latest solutions and trends in design and development, which enable us to find the best solution for your business by understanding your needs.