Turnkey VOIP-ATC options and solutions

We offer to set up your call centre using an Asterisk-based VoIP telephone exchange. This solution is ideal for creating an internal (corporate) call centre. Since this solution is implemented on the basis of VoIP PBX, it can include workstations of 1-2 operators (at the pilot launch) as well as expand to an almost unlimited number of workstations, without any major costs.

Voice Menu

Modern telephone stations based on Asterisk VoIP solution, allow you to use the voice menu function (IVR - Interactive Voice Response). Using this voice menu, it is possible not only to arrange a voice greeting for incoming calls to the company, but also to help the caller to reach the purpose of the call faster. The system will automatically offer to dial the number of the desired subscriber, send a fax, or connect with the secretary. It reduces the workload of the secretary and the amount of time he/she has to wait for the caller.

Today the voice menu is not only a convenient tool for managing the routing of incoming calls, but also a kind of voice business card of the company. You can record your own inimitable voice menu for your company or use a standard set of voice sets provided by an additional module for the Asterisk-based VoIP telephone exchange.

In addition to a recorded voice greeting, the voice menu of a VoIP telephone exchange can also contain a recorded voice greeting. As VoIP PBX is a digital product, the voice menu can contain multiple levels of nesting, change depending on the day of the week, contain messages about promotions, automatically informing the caller in a given period of time.

Our specialists will be glad to consult you about the principles of creating a voice menu in VoIP PBX, help you choose the right option menu schedule and also show you the possibilities of modern digital greeting of the company using ready-made examples.

Recording of calls

Every organization of any size cannot do without telephone communication. Every negotiation, sale, contract negotiation is first discussed over the phone.

Despite the perception of the concept of privacy, the function of recording telephone conversations does not fall under the heading of internal security and employee monitoring. More and more companies use the recording of telephone conversations as a " phone book". After all, any completed call can be replayed, paying attention to details that were overlooked the first time around.

In the Call-centre of the company, this function will help to analyse and sort out successful conversations or show the failures in unsuccessful ones. The possibility of activating call recording will be useful when it is necessary to record the conversation details and there is no paper or pen at hand. Any disagreements between the operators and the caller can be resolved in a more reasoned way.

There is also the function of a telephone "prompter", when a junior sales manager is assisted by a senior colleague or a technician.

But there is also still the advantage of recording telephone conversations in the area of security and discipline. Recorded conversations will help the security service quickly find information leaks and managers will be more disciplined in their conversations with customers.

This is just a part of call recording features of VoIP PBX based on Asterisk.

Our specialists will help you to implement all the necessary features of a modern Asterisk-based VoIP PBX, including call recording.

IP PBX callback module

Place a CallBack module on your website and turn your website visitors into customers. The Callback module: raises the conversion rate of your website; increases sales; reduces bounce rate A visitor comes to your website in search of a product or service, browses the pages, maybe even about to leave: the Callback system detects non-standard behavior and shows the visitor a widget offering to connect him/her with a sales manager in 20 seconds; after live communication with the manager the visitor is highly likely to become your client.

Integration with CRM

CRM systems are a class of programs designed for a more detailed interaction between customer and provider. The primary objective of all CRM systems is to optimise marketing and improve sales. For this purpose, the systems organize the maximum collection and organization of information about the customers, for a more comprehensive view of the customer. When working with telemarketing, it's impossible to imagine the lack of integration between the VoIP PBX and CRM systems.

Integration of VoIP telephony with CRM systems enables to improve customer service:

  • An incoming customer call goes straight to the assigned manager.
  • The manager can see the data from the "customer card" when calling.
  • Ability to dial the customer directly from the CRM.
  • Call analysis and listening to calls made from the CRM.
  • We have experience of integration with CRM systems such as Bitrix, vTiger, SugarCRM, AmoCRM, etc.

Our team includes not only VoIP telephony engineers but also web developers, what allows us to offer turnkey VoIP telephony integration with CRM.

If you still have any questions, please contact us for a free consultation.