Securing VoIP PBX

Our experts are ready to audit the security of your VoIP PBX for vulnerabilities, eliminate them, as well as conduct a comprehensive survey of your VoIP PBX server for both the correctness of Asterisk configuration and the relevance of the auxiliary software.
Hacking reasons and risks:
In today's world, more and more technologies are moving to a digital basis. Initially, these were mail services that simplified both document flow and correspondence. Then publications, newsletters, mass media appeared in the digital environment.

Now, by talking about phone calls over the Internet, we speak as ordinary things.

But at every stage of technology, there were those who exploited the vulnerabilities of new technologies to gain profit or to harm a competitor.

Our experts will help you secure your office VoIP PBX.
The main risks faced when installing a digital VoIP PBX:
  • Leak of confidential data
  • Unexpected calls from the company
  • Unexpected calls to the company
  • Spurious inbound traffic
  • Unauthorized connection to PBX
  • Leaked credentials