VoIP Asterisk configuration

Regardless of the circumstances that require configuration of your VoIP PBX, we are ready to advise and provide expert help in setting up the VoIP PBX or extend the required functionality.
When a VoIP telephone exchange setting service is required:

1. The company has already implemented an Asterisk-based VoIP telephone exchange (Elastix, FreePBX, etc.) but something has "broken" and the support person for the exchange is now not available.

2. In working VoIP PBX, need to make changes or expand functionality (integrate with CRM), make security adjustments.

3. There is a need to restore operability after unsuccessful VoIP implementation, or VoIP telephone exchange project is finished or optimization of VoIP telephone exchange not done before.

4. Whatever the circumstances you need to configure your VoIP PBX, we are ready to provide you with advice, qualified assistance in setting up your VoIP PBX or extend its functionality.

For that you need to contact us and leave an enquiry.

Then, our specialists will consult you by telephone (if it's enough).

If telephone consultation is not enough, our specialists will connect to your VoIP - telephone station for more detailed understanding of the problem.

We draw up a list of works and conclude an agreement on setup (functionality modification, support) of your VoIP - telephone exchange.

When the work is completed, we provide a Certificate of completed works.

Initial consultation and remote diagnostics are free of charge.