Service development from scratch.

We develop sites, portals, services, CRM and web services using modern CMS and Frameworks
The rich experience of ITACH-SOFT in the development of web applications allows you to professionally provide services in this area, offering the creation, implementation and modernization of web applications of varying complexity from Internet sites to high-load web projects (social networks, applications for video and audio communication and etc.)

What do we offer.
Guaranteed quality
Thanks to many years of experience, well-structured project work, reliable technology, as well as product quality control. Our portfolio is proof of our words.
It is one of the main factors for us and our clients. For example, a business card site can be uploaded to the hosting within 5 days after you made an order.
Affordable cost
It is formed due to factors that cannot in any way affect the quality of the product: well-functioning development processes, a stable staff of specialists, high flexibility in the work process.
Technologies we use.
We have extensive experience in modern technology. Our team follows the latest solutions and trends in design and development, which allows us to assess your needs and find the best solution for your business.
Why choose us?
High code quality
We adhere to the best standards and practices, and regularly conduct code audits throughout the development process.
Adaptive design
The user interface of our projects remains user-friendly, regardless of device or browser..
Atomic design and a component-based approach will allow reuse of code in future projects, reducing their cost.
All our processes are 100% open: we generate reports for you at a given frequency: day / week / month, etc.
SEO preparation
The solutions we use in projects allow us to improve and increase the amount of organic traffic.
Responsible team
Thanks to many years of experience, we fulfill our obligations accurately and on time and solve emerging technical problems.
We work with clients of all sizes of business and from different areas. But, regardless of this, we perform the work with the same quality: from developing websites and applications to setting up contextual advertising.
B2B platform development. Tender platform.
For a Russian entrepreneur, we have developed a b2b platform that helps representatives of various types of business interact. This is a kind of tender platform that provides each buyer with a guaranteed income, each supplier with an increase in sales.
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Work process.
  • 1. Analysis
  • 2. Planning
  • 3. Design
  • 4. Development
  • 5. Testing
  • 6. Support
Before proceeding with the performance of work, we conduct an analysis of competitors. We study the market in which it will be Before starting to perform work, we conduct an analysis of competitors. We study the market where the Customer will be represented. We analyze sites, draw up a portrait of the client.

After the analysis, together with the Customer, we draw up a work plan for launching the site. The Customer is presented. We analyze sites, draw up a portrait of the client.

After the analysis, together with the Customer, we draw up a work plan for launching the site.
Planning is just as important a part of the job as development. After all, it depends on correctly planned tasks how quickly the customer will receive the finished product and will be able to make a profit.

At this stage, we draw up the terms of reference for the development and design of the project. We form a team of the necessary specialists. We set tasks and deadlines for the implementation of the project on time.
Based on the terms of reference and the research conducted, we provide clients with options for web and mobile interfaces for the project. Also, at the request of the client, we create an interactive prototype with the ability to study the convenience and functionality of the product in practice.

If necessary, the layouts are edited according to the wishes of the client. Getting customer approval for the design is a priority at this stage.
At this stage, we are directly involved in the development of the functional part of the project described in the terms of reference. We program the code, translate the design approved by the Customer into the hypertext markup language.

In order to save time for project development, programming and design can be carried out in parallel.
After all the work on the project is completed, it is necessary to test the site for the correct operation of the entire functional part. If any part of the functionality does not work, then it is corrected by the programmers in the priority mode. The time for testing the project is laid down at the Planning stage.
We provide technical support for our products at the request of customers. And we are always ready to eliminate the bugs identified in the process of using the site, which occurred through our fault. As part of the maintenance contract, we also refine the site's functionality for other needs of the Customer.