Call center based on Bitrix24

There are a lot of calls to the office, but there is no profit? Your employees do not have time to process incoming calls or do it badly. The quality of negotiations must be controlled, because a satisfied client is the main factor in the success of a business. It is not enough to hire call-managers with iron nerves and constant goodwill. When accepting incoming calls, employees must follow the rules of sequence, know the background of the relationship with the client, respond competently, and take into account the interests of the client and the company.
How to organize a Call Center:
Hundreds of programs have been developed to manage communications with call-center subscribers. A blind search for a complete solution will take months. In the meantime, operators will work haphazardly, and even be distracted by testing new products. Don't waste your money. Automate a call center based on Bitrix24.

Using our module, you can integrate your Asterisk-based IP-PBX with Bitrix24 CRM.
What is a call center in Bitrix24:
  • Incoming calls processing: receiving, sorting, accounting
  • Calling customers from CRM cards
  • Forwarding incoming calls
  • Recording of telephone conversations
  • Call statistics
Benefits of a Call Center based on Bitrix24

Call processing automation

Don't lose clients: distribute the workload between managers! Consider employee training, busyness, vacations, and lunch breaks. If the manager does not have time to answer, the call is redirected according to the queuing rules.

Pleasant emotions of customers

Bitrix24 simplifies customer communications management. During an incoming call, the customer card is displayed on the screen. The manager immediately greets the client by name and negotiates, taking into account information about previous applications, agreements, invoices and purchases.

Quality control of managers' work

Manage your call center based on complete and reliable information. Bitrix24 stores the history and statistics of calls: how long the client was waiting for an answer, how much time the manager spent talking with the client. In the reports, the manager sees how each manager and the entire sales department works.

“Bitrix24” -it is not only a call center

tools bitrix24

This is all that is needed to organize the work of the company. The tools are tightly coupled, which means you don't have to switch between different services. You can start working immediately after registration. Any browser is enough. No need to install software. No need to implement. You don't need to learn to master.