Integration Bitrix24

The integration of your working resource with the Bitrix24 CRM system will help to structure your company's work, distribute tasks among employees, control task deadlines, increase sales conversion and speed of lead processing, and improve interaction with clients. You can easily and simply digitise your business by implementing the Bitrix24 CRM system.

Types of Bitrix24 integrations

Bitrix24 integration with online shop, website, web app
This type of integration allows you to transmit orders for further processing to Bitrix24, synchronize chats and feedback forms in a unified CRM system. Our specialists will help you set up the transfer of any data to B24 and instantly assign processing tasks to your employees.
Integration of Bitrix24 with telephony
Connecting telephony makes it easy to collect information and promote sales by calling customers. We carry out:
  • Implementation and configuration of cloud telephony.
  • Connection to IP telephony and private company PBX.

The telephony connection is made with inbuilt tools or via REST API - there are no third-party plug-ins or apps.
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Integration of Bitrix24 with messengers and social networks
Connecting your CRM portal to social networks and messengers is essential for generating feedback and increasing conversions. We connect as well as set up open lines with:
  • Apple Messages
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Facebook

Connection is made via REST API by our developers.
Integrating Bitrix24 with email
The portal connection to the email service as well as synchronization with the calendar allows:
  • Save the correspondence in the CRM.
  • Create tasks for employees from emails.
  • Manage the stages of deals from the mail.
  • Create leads for CRM from emails.

Our company will help you set up an Email Tracker or connect the portal to the mail.
Integrate Bitrix24 with analytics and lead generation services
The integration of your Bitrix24 portal with analytics services allows you to track sources of leads. In addition, there is the ability to save and track calls. The offline deals launching and field filling based on emails become easily available. Our company is implementing the following products:
  • Roistat
  • Ringostat

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Any questions left?
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