Bitrix 24 training

You can learn to work with Bitrix24 on your own, but self-training does not guarantee professional mastery of the product. Itach Soft courses will help to increase the efficiency of working with the corporate portal.

Our training programmes for working with Bitrix24

We offer online training programs starting from scratch or with basic skills. We teach managers, executives and administrators of Bitrix. We help to unlock the full functionality of the corporate portal and optimize workflow.
In addition, regular refinements of the corporate portal through our specialists can replace a long-term implementation in some cases. Technical support of Itach-soft will help to perform customization, implementation or integration of B24 taking into account specifics of your company.
Our training programmes:
A product that covers the features of working with the main tools of the corporate portal. It allows you to set up the B24 desktop to make the work of your company's employees easier. In the Bitrix24 course we will study the following sections:
  • My Page and Favorites.
  • Mail and Calendar.
  • Tasks, task planning, setting up regular tasks.
  • Messenger portal, Live Feed and Business Chat.
  • Project team interaction and time recording.
  • Drive and Storage of information, search and work with downloaded files.
from 100$
This course is ideal for CRM employee training - the product is designed to teach the full sales cycle. The individual nature of the training is considered to be a special feature of the product. Learning CRM is carried out by user roles and based on the logic of the work for each type of customer.
  • Full program of the basic course.
  • Processing and conversion of leads.
  • Management of deals.
  • Creating, customizing and working with reports.
  • Peculiarities of integration with the mail.
  • Interaction with the pipeline.
  • Generating a commercial proposal.
  • Issuing invoices and payment checks.
  • Working with contacts and databases.
from 150$
The product is designed for Bitrix24 training of managers of all levels. The course fully discloses the features of HR management and internal processes of the company through the portal. During the course the following is mentioned:
  • Working with the structure of the company.
  • Setting up access rights in the CRM.
  • Setting up the stages of processing leads, deals or invoices.
  • Adding or firing personnel.
  • Setting up custom CRM fields.
  • Arranging briefings and meetings.
  • Possibility of generating leads automatically from a common Email and via website forms.
  • Automating regular employee reports.
from 150$
The product is intended for employees of the corporate portal who perform the function of the administrator. This course will cover the peculiarities of the settings of the portal and internal processes of the company. We will study the sections:
  • Setting up holidays.
  • Setting up company work schedule.
  • Implementing company name in the logo.
  • Managing Bitrix24 in the cloud.
from 150$
Individual Training
If any of the courses do not meet your needs, we offer individual training. We will review any of the tools of B24 on an example, and competently tell you about the details of work and configuration of a corporate portal.