Automation of business processes in Bitrix24

Most tasks within the company can be performed autonomously - you only need to set up automation in Bitrix24

Automation simplifies the processing of leads, transactions or internal workflows. It allows you to increase the conversion rate and stimulate sales of your company and increases the level of service provided. Our company offers a choice of several solutions for all purposes and budgets.

Business process for a local task

The development of a small linear business process based on existing logic. Allows you to optimize one of the tasks and reduce the workload of the staff.
The cost of the service - from 400$

Full optimization of a specific task

Development of solutions based on already existing logic. Creating and implementing an algorithm for carrying out a multistage or complex technical operation within a company.
The cost of the work - from 2000$

Turnkey work

Development of a group related business processes designed to automate work in CRM. Setting up and optimizing multiple business processes or participants (10 or more people), the ability to connect related departments. The solution allows you to implement a customised interface or logic and link different parts of the system. Full development right after the installation of the Bitrix24 box version will ensure full optimization of internal tasks and a fast start of the company on the market.
The cost of the turnkey variant taking into account all the specifics of your company starts from 5000$

Automation of the department

Development of a group of related business processes designed to optimize work in the CRM. Partial automation of certain tasks and activities of the participants (up to 10 people) without the involvement of related departments. This is ideal for optimization and adjustment of problematic areas within the enterprise.
The price starts at about 3000$

The launch of CRM robots

Setting up robots saves employees from routine tasks, and reduces the number of mistakes made. The B24 ecosystem offers the possibility of optional robot configuration. In other words, with the help of electronic assistants you can automate business processes in Bitrix24 and reduce the load on the company's human resources.
The cost of the robots starts at 500$

Automatic sending of notifications via CRM robot

Automatically send notifications to the client via sms, email, messenger. The solution allows you to setup the feedback from the company: to confirm the order, send receipts and other messages.
The cost of development starts from 350$

What's the result: which option to choose?

If you have any questions, you can contact the hotline number. The company's Call-centre will help you choose the most suitable solution based on your goals, needs and budget.