B2B platform development. Tender platform..

For a Russian entrepreneur, we have developed a b2b platform that helps representatives of various types of business interact. This is a kind of tender platform that provides each buyer with a guaranteed income, each supplier with an increase in sales.
Site design:
Only 4 colors are used as the main ones: white for the background, black for text and icons, red and blue for graphic elements. The prevailing light color provides ease of perception, and the use of contrasting shades makes it easy to read the text and not get tired of the site even after long viewing and reading. The site design was developed in three resolutions - separately for a tablet and a mobile phone. It attracts attention due to its simple user-friendly interface, well-thought-out structure and clear division of content. The user is not lost in the abundance of information and graphics; he finds what he needs without any problems.
Site functionality
In terms of capabilities, the site is quite laconic. At the first visit to the site, thanks to the drawn graphics and captured video, the user can immediately understand why this portal was created and how to become an active user of the portal in order to start earning. The resource will subsequently be expanded and supplemented with new graphic and text materials.
User's personal account
It was important for the Customer that the personal account of the site was as simple and intuitive as possible. Therefore, there is no unnecessary information in the personal account, pop-up tips have been added that help users to quickly place purchases or participate in a tender.

Online store for food distributor
The company "MR.LT Nootropics" is a distributor of food products, chemicals and dietary supplements of nootropic action since 2015. They sell drugs and courses of nootropic drugs from the manufacturer.
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