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Task and project management, Kanban, delegation, checklists, templates.
What is Bitrix24?
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Online office
Helps to work together: chat, video calls and video conferencing for up to 24 people, disk, calendar, groups, work reports, business processes and other tools for working in the office or from home.
CRM for sales
Helps to sell more: takes control of all communication channels with customers, prompts what to do, automates sales.
Websites, online stores
Should be not just beautiful, but one that is easy to create yourself and for free. The main task of the site is to bring clients. Websites in Bitrix24 are created to sell! Every order, every customer contact will immediately appear in the CRM.
Contact center
Combines channels of communication with clients in CRM: phone, email, chat on the site, Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Yandex.Chat and others.
Tasks and projects
Help to work together and be on time. If the task is set in Bitrix24, it will be completed.
Box version
Installed on the server of the company or its provider
Individual settings of business logic and interface
More features and integrations than the cloud version
When switching from cloud Bitrix24, the data is saved
This is a corporate Bitrix24 on your server with your individual settings, modifications and brand.
Expands the possibilities
Bitrix24 s a digital workspace for your company. Set and control tasks, send files and voice messages, chat, discuss plans in profile groups and make informed decisions.
Be always in touch and up to date: use desktop and mobile applications for work
Bitrix24 helps the business to organize an easy entry of a new employee into the team, quick acquaintance with the structure of the company, notifying the entire team about the appearance of a new colleague.
Bitrix24 asks a new person to immediately fill out a Profile, post a photo, tell about himself. A new employee joins the Group according to the nature of his occupation and according to his interests, finds like-minded people.
Coordinate team efforts using Bitrix24 design tools. Define the roles and access rights of each. Plan milestones, store all documents on Yandex.Disk, keep a calendar, communicate in the Project chat.
Projects created in Bitrix24 will definitely be completed on time and with the best result.
At the moment we offer three editions of Bitrix24:
All the necessary tools for organizing the work of a department up to 12 people and sales automation;
For large companies from 500 employees, with multidepartments, scalability and fault tolerance capabilities, with the maximum level of support from 1C-Bitrix;
Corporate portal
This is a corporate Bitrix24 on your server with individual settings;
We work with clients of all sizes of business and from different areas. But, regardless of this, we perform the work with the same quality: from developing websites and applications to setting up contextual advertising.

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