Technical support and development.

It is a prerequisite for the successful development of any company, and a successfully developing company sooner or later becomes necessary to expand its IT infrastructure and introduce new technologies.
We consider technical support and development of the project as a long-term cooperation of the owner of the resource with our company. To do this, we conclude an agreement, which prescribes all the necessary activities that will be carried out in order to ensure the stable operation of your resource, and to support users' interest in it.
What is included in technical support and development?
Continuous monitoring of the technical health of the resource and its work.
РRegular updating of information, adding up-to-date data (prices, goods, services, promotions, etc.).
We analyze competitive sites and provide a plan for the development of your resource.
Adding additional functionality and modules (mailing, search, chats, etc.) at your request.
We are working to improve ranking and increase the amount of organic traffic.
Every month for you we conduct research on the work of the resource and provide a report.
Technologies we use.
У нас большой опыт в современных технологиях. Наша команда следит за новейшими решениями и тенденциями в сфере дизайна и разработки, что позволяет нам, оценив ваши потребности, подобрать лучшее решение для вашего бизнеса.
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